Generation Now continues inspiring youth throughout Central America

Published on 6 November, 2017 by Glasswing

Over 13,000 youth from 69 public schools in El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala celebrated the end of the academic year at their Community Schools with competitions, diverse activities, and entertainment. One year after the Generation Now movement was launched, Glasswing was joined by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and many of its corporate partners to host an amazing Generation Now 2017! Students were able to participate in activities such as a Debate Tournament, Glee Fest (singing and dancing), Entrepreneurship Fair, Discovery Expo (science), Robotics Tournament, Soccer Tournament, Spelling Bee Contest (English), Storytelling, Art, and Urban Arts workshops on areas such as breakdance, hip-hop, and skateboarding.

Generation Now’s motto, #YoMeAtrevo, encompasses Generation Now’s objective: to demonstrate how community work and volunteering, specifically within Community Schools, are pillars of citizenship that stimulate individual and collective development. By inspiring young people to work towards community transformation, the movement generates positive changes at the individual, school, and community levels.

Furthermore, thanks to events like Generation Now, students can see what their peers are doing across the country and across the region, further inspiring young people across Central America to say #YoMeAtrevo. Carlos, a 14-year old Community School student who participates in his school’s debate club says, ”I am amazed at the positive impact that Glasswing has on young people, since we are able to develop our talents and skills during after-school clubs. The experience has been fantastic because I have met so many people and I have learned skills that I did not have before. As young people, we have to dare to change the world. We can use our talents, abilities, and our way of being to positively transform our countries and change the world.”

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Each of the Generation Now activities celebrated the closing of the after-school programs offered in Community Schools and first, second, and third place recognition’s were awarded for each activity. The extracurricular programs are entirely run by volunteers, over 1,200 individual, corporate, and community volunteers across the three countries who dedicate two hours weekly to leading an after-school club, teaching students in fun, dynamic ways and serving as positive role models.

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The Generation Now movement began in November 2016 with GenNowFest, the first major festival to celebrate, empower, and inspire Central American youth to champion positive change in their communities. The movement aims to give young people in Central America an outlet through which to express themselves – their academic achievements, their talents, their art, and more – in a safe space created for youth and youth-led.