Critical support for children and families impacted by migration

Published on 13 November, 2020 by Glasswing


Since the beginning of the year, we have been working with John Sanders to look at the best ways to address the many challenges brought on by migration. We are excited to announce the launch of The Blue Iris Fund which was founded by John in partnership with Glasswing with the vision of helping children and families affected by migration, poverty, and violence. 

With an initial pledge of $1M from John and hopes of raising up to $10M a year, the fund and Glasswing have been supporting efforts in Matamoros where thousands of people have been living in tent camps. We have partnered with Team Brownsville on-the-ground to support distribution of basic goods, like food, beverages, first-aid, and some clothing to residents of the camp on a periodic basis. This not only keeps them alive but also helps sustain their informal economies, generating internal resources for the community and fueling a greater sense of self-reliance.

In 2019, John joined the U.S. Customs & Border Protection as Chief Operating Officer and Acting Commissioner. His experiences in his role, and particularly the tragic deaths of three children — Jakelin, Felipe, and Carlos — are what triggered him to try and find a smarter and humane way to address the underlying issues. Read more about the fund and an interview with John Sanders here (link to Interview with John Sanders).