Community Empowerment

Community resilience requires local agency, empowerment, and ownership. Glasswing strives to co-create programs with communities, maintaining an ongoing feedback loop that ensures we respond directly to priorities that are set locally. We build on community strengths, and believe that people are a country’s most important asset. By engaging and training community members as volunteers, we believe that we are not only generating economic value, but also critical social value – restoring trust and healing social fabric that has often been torn by violence, family disintegration, and social injustice. We believe deeply in the power of empathy and transformation through volunteerism, in which parents, students, teachers, government officials, corporate employees, University students, among others, dedicate their time and expertise to being role models for children and youth. We also implement Community Cafes and restorative practices, as well as bringing people together to provide community-based mental health to address the high levels of trauma and anxiety faced in the communities where we work. We believe in each individual’s potential to make a difference, maximizing the impact and sustainability of our programs.