Celebrating ten years of impact means…

Published on 15 May, 2017 by Glasswing

1. 808,183 LIVES TRANSFORMED. In June, we mark ten years of impact. Ten years of transforming lives and creating opportunities.

2. PROGRAMMING IN 13 COUNTRIES. We have offices in eight countries in Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States in addition to programs in South America, the Caribbean, and projects in Mexico.

3. OVER 22,000 HEALTH PROFESSIONALS TRAINED. We train health professionals in the region, complementing their existing studies and experience to fill in knowledge gaps and empower them to save lives.

4. 98,000 VOLUNTEERS MOBILIZED IN LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN. Our programs are sustained thanks to tens of thousands of community volunteers – teachers, parents, current and former students, neighbors, and local businesses. Volunteerism not only adds economic value to our projects, but also creates social value, allowing individuals to recognize their own potential to make a positive difference in their community.

5. 550+ PUBLIC SCHOOLS REVITALIZED. We leverage a community’s existing resources, instead of building anew, by improving school infrastructure and beautifying classroom walls with murals to create appealing learning spaces.

6. 88 PUBLIC SCHOOLS TRANSFORMED INTO COMMUNITY SCHOOLS. Our model transforms existing public schools into Community Schools, effectively engaging all sectors of society to create engaging learning environments for students.

7. STUDENTS ARE 3 TIMES MORE LIKELY TO STAY IN SCHOOL. Ninety-two percent of our students report improvements in their relationships with peers and family, 86% of children and youth report improvement in their self-esteem, and 85% of students report improvement in their grades. By comparison, over 60% of adolescents do not pursue a high school education in Central America.

8. LONGER SCHOOL DAYS FOR OVER 20,000 STUDENTS. Children in Central America typically attend public school for about four hours a day. Our after-school programming expands the school day for over 20,000 students and offers more than 1,000 mentor-led after-school programs, including art, dance, sports, robotics, debate, and science experiments, aimed at building students’ core life-skills and enabling them to thrive.

9. 130+ COMMUNITIES SUPPORTED. We provide safe spaces in which teachers, volunteers, and parents, can discuss the importance of character-building, non-violent communication, youth-centered learning, and positive discipline. By demonstrating the value of quality education, they will instill these values in their students and children

10. 100+ SUCCESSFUL CROSS-SECTOR PARTNERSHIPS. We collaborate with dozens of companies annually at the local and regional level to leverage expertise, human and financial resources to achieve the greatest impact possible.

We look forward to continuing to empower communities and transform lives through education and health for years to come.