World Bank study measures impact of “Sanando Heridas” program

The “Sanando Heridas” program, a violence prevention initiative helps people who have had exposure to social violence cope with the events based on comprehensive trauma care treatment. It accompanies its users in the restorative process, through the understanding of the effects of trauma and the provision of positive coping skills. Services are provided in public hospitals and health professionals are trained, raising awareness about the importance of providing comprehensive trauma care.  “Sanando Heridas” also has a reference system made up of 38 organizations and public entities that provide complementary help for the recovery of patients.

Glasswing partners with Google and IDB Lab to launch IT vocational programming in Panama

  This month, Glasswing received a $900,000 grant from and IDB Lab to help 340 young people in Panama seek gainful employment in the informational technology sector. With the launch of Google’s Professional IT Support Certificate in Spanish, these secondary school graduates will be given practical training to do IT support work, benefitting both […]

First Place in National Robotics Competition

Karen, Kevin, and Carlos are enrolled in the Glasswing Robotics Club at Jutta Steiner de Toruño Public School, located in Ciudad Arce, one of the municipalities of San Salvador, El Salvador with the highest index of violence. Earlier this year, the school became a Glasswing Community School. Seven extracurricular clubs were introduced, including the Robotics […]

A Survivor of Social Violence Speaks Out

“Six or seven people started beating me. I felt scared, overwhelmed… I couldn’t do anything,” said 21-year-old Jaime, a survivor of violence who sought medical care at Nejapa’s Health Clinic, where Glasswing implements the Sanando Heridas (Healing Wounds) program in partnership with USAID, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Government of Japan. The program’s objective is to break the cycle of violence addressing victims with trauma from a holistic perspective.

Working with migrant youth in New York

Since the spring, Glasswing has been working with students at International High School at Union Square (IHS-US), a New York City public school for migrant youth. Almost half of the students at this school, are from Latin America and the Caribbean, ages 16 to 22, and are English language learners who have been in the U.S. four years or less and live in single-parent homes. Currently, we implement a youth-led curriculum that directly responds to students’ personal, academic and professional interests and priorities. Our students receive hands-on experience in social skills development, literacy, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.

Abdias becomes a role model for others

“From my participation in the clubs, I realized that there are many children who need attention who have their own problems. As a volunteer, I can help to improve the life of someone else,” he said. This way of thinking has made Abdías not only get involved in the Homework Club, but also support the office one or two hours per week managing volunteer databases, assembling kits of materials, and supporting during youth entrepreneurship fairs.

We raised a record-breaking $675k at our fourth annual benefit gala in New York City!

Glasswing co-founders Ken, Celina, and Diego with independent journalist and producer Maria Elena Salinas, Glasswing Community School student beneficiary Ana, and Glasswing ambassador Fernando Palomo.

Mauricio finds a second family in Glasswing

Mauricio grew up with his great-grandparents in Las Palmas, San Salvador. His mother left when he was two years old, only to come back eight years later and then leave again. Although he lived with his father and his great-grandparents, throughout many points during his life, he felt alone. A history of alcoholism, violence, and […]

Sandra discovers her passion for volunteering through the Girls Club

Sandra is a 31 year old mother of three living in Apopa, El Salvador. She dropped out of school after finding out she was pregnant at 15 years old. Despite her lack of formal education, Sandra is now a mentor of the Girls Club at P.S Borja Nathan.   Sandra’s journey began when Freddy, the […]

Contributing to social change

Marie is a Glasswing volunteer who led a Communications Club at one of our Community Schools in Guatemala. She recently wrote about her experience as a volunteer on her personal blog. Read below to see how volunteering has allowed Marie to fulfill her goals. Throughout my adolescence I dreamed of being in a school, not […]

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