A mother teaches kids what leadership means

Published on 12 May, 2017 by Glasswing

While some leadership skills are innate, many can be developed with time and practice. Glasswing´s Community School in Colonia Las Torres, Tegucigalpa, Honduras is demonstrating that when parents support their children’s education, they can help improve their children´s chance to learn and lead.

Wendy Yamileth Gutiérrez is a stay-at-home mom and a volunteer for Glasswing’s Leadership Club at her children’s Community School. Her Club meets twice a week, and her students discuss diverse leadership topics and engage in stimulating activities that challenge them to problem solve, work in teams, and express their ideas with confidence. The aim is to provide kids with the skills to be more active and vocal in the classroom and in other aspects of their lives. “I teach my kids that with hard work and perseverance, nearly anything can be achieved. I want them to feel confident,” says Wendy, and her methods seem to be working. Darwin Galindo, a student in her Club states, “Leadership Club strengthens our life skills and helps build our self-confidence. I like Ms. Wendy because she teaches us to be brave and shows us that we can become better leaders.”

In Honduras, as in the rest of Central America, youth face overwhelming challenges, which are compounded by the fact that they attend school for a mere four hours a day. Glasswing’s programs are offering students in these at-risk communities a safe space to learn, engage and be mentored. According to an internal evaluation of Glasswing’s Community Schools last year, of those students enrolled in Glasswing Clubs, 91% reported improved self-confidence, 90% reported feeling more motivated to attend school, and 93% of parents reported improved intra-familiar relations. These results are due to dedicated volunteers –like Wendy – who are committed to driving change in their communities.