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December, 2019

Glasswing partners with Google and IDB Lab to launch IT vocational program in Panama

This month, Glasswing received a $900,000 grant from and IDB Lab to help 340 young people in Panama seek gainful employment in the informational technology sector. With the launch of Google’s Professional IT Support Certificate in Spanish, these secondary school graduates will be given practical training to do IT support work, benefitting both the […]

‘Idea Jam 2019’: Empowering Migrant Youth in NYC

Glasswing International partnered with Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures (DV) to host ‘IdeaJam 2019’ at International High School at Union Square, a school for recently arrived migrant youth. DV volunteers worked with junior and senior students and taught them how to generate solutions from a given problem that would later result in a business or […]

Launching Youth Networks in Costa Rica

  This year, Glasswing, UNICEF, and the government of Costa Rica have been working on the development of a quality judicial mentoring network aimed at teenagers and young adults in conflict with the law. This initiative will provide a space for conversation, support, and counseling around the concerns, difficulties, and interests of young people that […]

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation expands partnership with Glasswing

During one of his most recent visits to El Salvador, Howard G. Buffett, CEO and Chairman of The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, announced that the organization would donate another $1M to work with Glasswing and communities on youth violence prevention programs in and around Parque Cuscatlán, as well as $5M to implement an integrated, ‘place-based’ […]

NYC Teens Telling Their Stories for Good

  This summer, Glasswing New York joined forces with GlobalGirl Media in creating our first Summer Digital Media Academy, a direct learning educational media project training 15 adolescent girls ages 14-18 from low income backgrounds in New York City. The project included a three-week intensive journalism and media training focused on issues that matter to […]

World Bank study measures impact of “Sanando Heridas” program

The “Sanando Heridas” program, a violence prevention initiative helps people who have had exposure to social violence cope with the events based on comprehensive trauma care treatment. It accompanies its users in the restorative process, through the understanding of the effects of trauma and the provision of positive coping skills. Services are provided in public hospitals and health professionals are trained, raising awareness about the importance of providing comprehensive trauma care.  “Sanando Heridas” also has a reference system made up of 38 organizations and public entities that provide complementary help for the recovery of patients.

Meet Pablo

Pablo (fictitious name) is 26 years old. While working as a bus driver, he was attacked by several unknown people and struck by a bullet. In that instant, his life radically changed. Pablo and his family began the long road to recovery.

Pablo was taken to Dr. Juan José Fernández National Hospital in Zacamil. Once admitted, the hospital staff who had received training from the “Sanando Heridas” program helped him reach physical and emotional stability.