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Glasswing International is an independent, non-profit organization based in San Salvador, El Salvador. Our aim is to transform communities in Central America by leveraging and mobilizing human, financial and material resources from companies, goverment and beneficiaries.

Glasswing: What's in a name? The Glasswing butterfly is a species native to Central America and Mexico. We see the butterfly as a symbol of positive change, and this particular species - with its clear wings - as a representation of transparency.

The Glasswing model consists of two areas of focus:

Social Investment Consulting: Development, implementation, and evaluation of social investment strategies and partnerships, including the design of concrete action plans - delivering high-impact measurable outcomes.

Glasswing Volunteering: Glasswing's volunteers implement structured education, health and infraestructural projects, as well as youth mentoring.

To create a more integrated society in which individuals jointly assist in fostering an environment of solidarity and mutual respect, grounded in the fundamental belief in human dignity; one in which each person can harness his or her individual skills to be an agent of change.

To promote strategic social investment through the creation of 'action networks' - among businesses, foundations, governmental, and non-profit organizations - with the aim of encouraging broader societal participation in improving quality of life.
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